A Transcript’s journey with Kali Schwartz proofreading

  1. You scope and edit your transcript. My job is to be a final set of eyes to catch any errors that may have slipped through and to ensure your work is polished. Exceptionally “dirty” jobs will be up-charged or sent back.

  2. You convert your finished transcript into a PDF file. If you don’t have one already, there are free PDF converters available online. Here is a great one. I’m happy to help with this process if needed!

  3. You send me an email (kaliproofreads@gmail.com) with the PDF transcript attached. Be sure to specify the job type (see Rates for a note regarding Rush, Daily, and lengthy jobs). I will email a receipt confirmation email as soon as possible.

  4. I proofread your transcript! Just to make sure we’re on the same page, you can email me a summary of your specific preferences on various issues (capitalization, punctuation, etc). Fill out this questionnaire and email it to me, or you can send me your own document.

  5. I email you the proofed transcript, which will include only the pages where I suggest corrections. My notes and highlighting will appear directly on the PDF file, making it easy for you to find them.

    NOTE: You should see both red AND yellow markings on your correction PDF, and all pages included in your correction PDF will have corrections or notes of some kind (no “blank” pages). You MUST open in the latest version of Adobe Reader for all corrections to be visible.

  6. Billing: I email invoices on the first day of the month for all of the previous month’s services. One-time jobs will be billed immediately. I accept checks and credit cards.

  7. Payment is due within 30 days, and payments later than 35 days will incur a 10 percent or $10 minimum late fee, with another 10 percent or $10 minimum added on the 1st and 15th of each month the invoice goes unpaid. No additional work will be accepted until outstanding invoices are paid.